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 It sort of occurred to me that I never actually got to do a proper introduction post.

So here it is~

Online as: rainbow_teatime


I first joined the Arashi fandom in 2013 after watching Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode.

Now, I only watched that drama because I thought the concept of the mystery drama was interesting - an ojousama, who is secretly a policewoman who investigates crimes around Kunitachi, has recently changed butlers to a much younger and definitely more sharp-tongued one. And yet even though he did not actively participate in investigating the case (he DID stalk his ojousama though lol), he was still able to use the facts gathered to help his mistress solve any seemingly unsolvable case.

It was midway while watching the series that I thought the butler was cute. Heehee.

And it took me a while but I soon learned the guy playing the role of Kageyama was Sakurai Sho, a boyband member of Arashi. And then after listening to (and getting slain by) "Monster" and "Face Down".. well.. I was completey hooked to Arashi. <3

I started reading fanfics soon after I found myself completely stuck in the fandom (watching videos and whatnot). 

When I first started reading, I think almost half the fics I read were Ohmiya fics, simply because I found the pairing to be really cute- at the time I decided that they were very well-matched as an OTP. And then after watching Yamada Tarou Monogatari, I started looking up Sakumiya fics (I totally caught Takuya looking too lovingly at Tarou. )

Before long, I found myself with ideas for writing fanfiction and started on it right away.

It has been a good number of years ever since then, and here I am- a humble fanfiction writer.

Offline as: ???

1. Gamer

I guess this is not new to everyone who has seen me around on LJ, but I am a PC & 3DS gamer.

I play GTA V, Fallout 4, Minecraft, Spore, Sims 4, Starcraft (recently. Do you know they are giving the classic version away for free?) on my computer and ACNL, Harvest Moon, Super Mario Maker and Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire on my trusty 3DS. (I will admit that Nino made the 3DS seem so fun when advertising for Mario 3D Land, and that was why I bought it along with the game)

Which reminds me- I am going to need a brand new gaming keyboard soon. The one I am using is a normal-ish keyboard with no satisfying clicks. >_>

2. Budding writer

Writing fanfiction is my way of practising my craft when I do not have any original ideas coming to mind.  But when I DO have that in mind (like I do right now), I would start up Scrivener on my PC and start writing in scenes that I thought about. Hopefully at the end of this writing journey, I will be able to produce something concrete that I can be proud of.

  3. Makeup junkie

I have three sets of eyeshadow palettes (1 GOSH, 2 Too Faced), two eyeshadow brushes, one eyeliner (I swear by Maybelline for this one),  six different lipsticks of various shades and brands (Etude House, Beauty Bakerie, Urban Decay) and I am already considering getting myself a highlight/contour set with a contouring brush pretty soon. I can never have too many makeup products. ;)

  4. (Not so) Closet Otaku

My otaku-ness is not just limited to Arashi- I happen to be a fan of Japanese voice actors (SAKURAI TAKAHIRO AND MIYANO MAMORU > v < ), Anime, old animated cartoons, TV series, and YES I ADMIT IT KOREAN DRAMAS (I am actually pretty selective of my Korean dramas tho)

Movies-wise, I am surprisingly not a fan of romance movies (even though practically 99.9% of my fanfic content contains romance)- I would prefer watching thriller and action movies. Give me James Bond, Ethan Hunt and that SAW franchise anytime.

Oh right, did I mention I also love horror movies? :D
(Sorry, Sho. I know how you feel about ghosts...)


5. Avid reader.

Similar to my tastes in movies, I do not like romance and I love horror (Stephen King scares me so much and I love it). I also am a fan of thriller and mystery novels. 


If we are talking romance classics like "Pride & Prejudice", "Emma" and "Jane Eyre", I would read those. :D

It would be nice if one day I could just sign myself up to be a library officer in one of the local libraries here. I mean, I know the pay will be relatively mediocre as compared to that of my future accounting job, but hey. I'd love to be surrounded by books everywhere I go. What is money if my job makes me happy? (:

6. Compulsive shopper.


You literally cannot accompany me to a shopping mall without being prepared to drag me away from things that I do not need.

Walk into ANY bookstore and/or stationery store and you will see me fawning and pondering over every book, every pen and every stationery knick knack. 

Walk into Gamemartz, Qisahn and other game shops and you will see me hovering over the 3DS and PC games section. I might even sneak over somewhere to check out gaming keyboards.

Walk into Sephora and I would be mute-screaming at all the pretty eyeshadow palettes.

Walk into an electronics store and I would be flitting from one tablet and/or laptop to another.

(Which reminds me of the ONE laptop/tablet I really need rn, an ASUS Transformer.)

Walk into any lifestyle shop like Muji, Daiso and Tokyu Hands and you see me reaching for a basket to grab things I was never sure I needed XD


I need a sugar daddy. XD

7. Incurable foodie


STEAK (Medium rare pls).





Just bring me any of these (or even better, bring me to a buffet), and I would be really really REALLY happy.

I share a love for food with Sho. >D

Right, I think that is pretty much everything about me XD

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