Apr. 8th, 2017

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It seems that importing my teatimefics entries is going to take over a day. Can someone please sponsor some servers to DW so they can import things faster? XD

Apparently, homosexuality is considered to be illegal in Russia. Considering that Livejournal has shifted over to Russian servers and teatimefics(LJ) is filled to the brim with slash fanfiction (which can possibly be considered as "propaganda" relating to homosexuality)...
I can almost see the delete-hammer in the horizon now. Arashilive.LJ is already deleted, so... )':


I have heard from some users that they are worried about forgetting to join my DW community/ add me as a friend on DW and stuff like that.
Therefore, I have been working on the layout of the two fanfiction communities under my wing to ensure that it is aesthetically appealing.
Livejournal-turned-Dreamwidth users, you get what I mean, don't you? XD Life just isn't the same without Flexible Squares.

Right now, I'm happy to say that I have finished with the layouts.

So Dreamwidth Arashians..


Membership to both communities are moderated right now, because.. well.. they are not ready for viewing yet. They are empty. It'd be truly embarassing for peeps to join a community and open it up to see that there is nothing in there XD

So instead, I'm letting interested DW users apply for membership in advance just so they won't have to worry about forgetting to add me/my comms later on. Membership will be approved once DW has finished importing my entries (please be quick, DW), and I will then set the community access to be open to everyone else. Early application will just give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of being one of the first peeps to see the newly-improved fanfiction communities XD

So yeah, if you are shifting to Dreamwidth and you wish to apply for membership early, go right ahead~ :D

Meanwhile, I will go back to waiting on Dreamwidth to finish importing my works. -_-;;;


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 So, I tried to migrate my posts over from Livejournal to Dreamwidth, only to find that it took a really long time (maybe a day and eight hours) to transfer all my entries over.

I ALSO realised that apparently you cannot mass-edit the privacy of your existing posts if you run a community- it is a PAID feature. -_-

That was until I read somewhere that mass-editing is possible through third-party clients. And needless to say, I found a method that works and is a whole lot faster than DW's importing settings.

It requires a bit of technical steps in the beginning, but I promise you- after all that, mass-editing tags, privacy settings, even mass-deleting of posts is sure to be a breeze.

IMPORTANT disclaimers:

1. I use a WINDOWS application. I'm so sorry, Macintosh users. >< If it helps in any way, go to this link for a list of third-party applications and tweak around with those applications listed.

2.This entire process only deals with entries and the tags associated with it. I'm afraid it does not transfer comments or your profiles over. If you are only concerned about posts and community settings and not really the comments on your posts (I'm not deleting my Livejournal comms anyway, so I can always see those comments there), read on. :D

Phase 1: Preparation

The third-party client I used is LJ-SEC.

Download link here

Step 1: Download and install LJ-Sec.

Step 2: Login to Livejournal.

You will see this window when you start up LJ-Sec

Don't be hasty to login to Dreamwidth just yet- login instead to your community/journal on Livejournal instead. 

But before entering any details, first check that the journal host is actually Livejournal's.
Click the "Change Journal Host" button in the menu bar above.

Oh, it says this? Good. You can now enter your LJ login details. :D


Before you click that button, you need to ensure you are logging in to the community that you are trying to repost your stuff from. Click the "Get list of subscribed communities" button and then the small arrow above it to see the drop-down menu.

Select your community/journal and then finally you can click the login button.

You will see something like this window up there.

Feel the awesomeness yet? 


Now click "EXIT PROGRAM" ! :D

No, really. Exit the program.
You logged in only to perform one important step in the preparation process- letting LJ-Sec create an interface file to use for the move to Dreamwidth. 

Step 3: Edit the LJ-Sec files.

Firstly, you need to locate the application data for LJ-Sec.

>>> C:\Users\ ( your Windows acct name) \AppData\Roaming\LJ-Sec

Go to "Journals"
Inside, you will see a file that looks like this

Now, you are going to create two folders.

The first folder you are going to create is labelled..

<DWnickname>-dreamwidth.org (Journals)


<DWnickname>-<DWcommname>-dreamwidth.org (Communities)

Now, inside that DW file you just created, you will create your second folder labelled interface.

Now, remember that file that LJ-Sec created with your Livejournal details?
(Yeah, the .jrs one)

Copy that file into the "interface' folder your just created.

So your file address will now be

C:\Users\ ( your Windows acct name) \AppData\Roaming\LJ-Sec\Journals\YourDWthingy.org\interface\YourLJthingy.jrs

That's all the technicality there is to it! ^^

Step 4: Log into your Dreamwidth!

Now, you should be able to login to your DW by repeating Step 2 above- only instead of the Livejournal host address, you should be entering this...

and then clicking the "Get list of subscribed communities" button should now give you your Dreamwidth journals/communities.

Now go ahead and click that Login button to help LJ-Sec create data for your DW! :D


Phase 2: Importing-actually-REPOSTING your entries.

Once again, I'm compelled to remind you that you will only be transferring your entries and associated tags. Comments will not follow in this process. ^^;

Step 1: Login to your Livejournal journal/community.

This is where you will be reposting everything from. 

Here in this window, you see two small boxes at the top- "Change post security of.." and "to.."

Basically, all your Livejournal posts of their respective security levels (Public, Private, Friends (members) only, User-Defined) can be selected in the "Change post security of.." box and then allocated a new security level in Dreamwidth selected in the "to.." box.

If like me, you are just migrating EVERYTHING over...

Hold down "Shift".

Click the top post and the bottom post so you highlight everything.

Click a checkbox on the side.

Do a final check to ensure you are changing the security settings of your LJ posts to your desired settings in DW.

When you are ready, click the "Repost" Button highlighted in the image above.

Remember how in Phase 1, Step 4 you logged into Dreamwidth?

Yeah. Do the same here. Enter your details, check the server URL, check the list of communities and select the one you are reposting to.

Tick every box in here EXCEPT "Backdate items". I ticked that box once and I got an error message. ><

So your final reposting window  to DW should look like this..


Now, for the magic words... 


*pop up window appears*
You are about to post xx journal entries into another account.
Processing may take some time. Is this okay?

Click "Yes" here. It will take some time, but definitely less time than DW's importing service. XD

Seriously. So fast. And it's less than a day.
How long did DW take again?
Right. Over a day. XD


Tadaaaa~~~ It works!

I hope this tutorial has helped some of you in reposting your stuffs. ^^;

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