Apr. 6th, 2017 11:49 am
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GTA V has two game modes- the main Story Mode and the Online mode.

It took me quite some time, but I managed to finish the main story mode in GTA V.

I guess I'll have to say that I really, REALLY loved the storyline. I made the mistake of going on one paparazzi side mission and ended up seeing a supposed female celebrity.. well... going at it with a guy. I have never seen anything so graphically depicted. (The game is rated M18 for a reason. XD)

In Online mode, you go in freeroam. You go about earning money, buying your own guns, apartments and whatnot with other players (inevitably, some online jerks are just going to kill you even though you have done absolutely nothing. That is what "Passive Mode" is for). Other players can do what you do, basically hijack/steal cars, shoot and kill innocent civilians and players... yep. It's a wild world in Los Santos  XD I'm usually pretty chill in these online spaces  and minded my own business without harming other players. (I'm such a courteous online player, am I not? XD)

Speaking of hijacking, something funny happened last night.

Before that, know that my love for Sho is so deep that even my car plate number bears it - "CHR155H0". (Did you see it? "Chrissho")

So, I got killed by some jerk player who was passing by and died not too far away from my car. Luckily, my car has a tracker so I  would always know where  to find it even after I died.

Having respawned, I started to head towards my car... when I saw my tracker indicator  moving.
That meant that someone else had stolen my car and was about to make off with it.

My fangirl instincts were raging, because no one- ABSOLUTELY NO ONE- steals anything with my darling's name on it.
So for the first time ever in GTA V Online, I shot that player down XD

This is what happens when you steal my virtual car with my virtual husband's name on it, man. LOL

That was probably about the only time I ever shot another player. I like being polite and nice online in any game I play. (:

Unless that person steals my darling away. (:

Update: Here are pictures of my virtual car.


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Alright, it's been way too long since I last touched Livejournal. To be fair, I have been working a temp job and with office hours I often get conked out by 6pm and become too tired for any proper writing. TT^TT



... *sigh* well, not too bad but not too good either. I had hoped to get good passes for everything but I failed one module and I have to retake it. ._. But well... at least I can still graduate within the estimated time ^^; I guess I'll have to work much harder this time round.

My modules for my second year would include Financial Reporting, Management Accounting and Law of Business Organisations. I never, EVER thought I'd touch Law... until I saw Law of Business Organisations as a recommended module for my course.

WELL. Good luck to me. T_T


With a newer, bigger and more awesome console, I'm revving up for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer , a game that will be released come September 25th! I already made a preorder for it and I'm now patiently waiting for its arrival. (And praying that it doesn't get TOO expensive)

Any other 3DS owners who MIGHT want to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf , Tetris Ultimate, Fantasy Life or Harvest Moon: A New Beginning are welcome to add my FC :D

FC: 3239-6107-2150
(My ACNL Town Fruit: Peaches. I have like at least 6 trees of perfect peaches. Feel free to take them. XD I managed to snag some durians, cherries, mangoes and lemons as well.)

If there are any other details required (ACNL dream codes, ACNL apparel design QR codes, photos of my ACNL house or whatnot) , PM me XD

#3: Writing aspirations

I've finally embarked on planning a debut mystery novel that involves innocent playthings and a criminal almost as crazy as the Joker. (Or at least I hope he can be half as scary as him. I don't know how I can strike fear in myself within 10 seconds like the Joker can. ._. )

#4: Recent hobbies

Aside from writing, reading, gaming and watching movies and anime featuring psychotic, crazy criminals (like said Joker. Heath Ledger is REALLY something else) , I have also taken up crocheting and knitting. I'm now working on a camisole of my own XD (seems a tad bit small for my waist at the moment. But well, I'm just starting on it XD)

In other news, I'm trying to post a chapter update and I have no idea why my Internet is being slow about it. TT^TT

That's all for now- till the next author update!

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Note to self: When you see a Camera Obscura in real life...


I just watched a Let's Play series on YouTube for "Spirit Camera : The Cursed Memoir "

I wanted to have an idea about what's in for me, and judging by what I've seen...  I'm getting the game to play on Halloween.... Aaaaand I'll burn a haunted diary and camera if I ever find one. XDD

But since it's Saturday 12:23 am... and I'm not about to sleep yet...

I shall write fluff and romance.  YAY.

After all...  I already have a Halloween fanfic in mine..  >D


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