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Unfortunately, it is time for preparing for my exams (again) and it is an incredibly stressful time right now.

I have taken a bit of a break recently but I'm just about to put my nose back into the grindstone and focus entirely on my studies so that my return to the blissful, heavenly world of fanfiction would be really sweet. <3

I DO have some fics still half-done and I really want to finish those but I might be a bit slow on the writing because.. you know.. priorities. ;_;

( I really want to start working so that fic-writing could be the other thing I focus on apart from my job ._. )

So I'm just going to leave this post here and take a temporary leave from fanfic writing- I will be back by June 2017 when my exams for the year are over. ^^;

* \ ( ^ . ^ ) / *

P.s. I will probably still be around every now and then to check up on my comms and whatnot but that really is about it ^^;

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Okay. I'm back. Goodness.

January has been such a flurry- examinations and plannings and birthday parties and.. *faints*

I've been having dehydration problems and am chugging down jugs of water. The weather here in Singapore is already heating up and it's only past the beginning of FEBRUARY.

Due to upcoming preliminary examinations, revision classes and finals, it seems that fanfiction writing has to take a back seat for a short while.

Am probably going to conclude "Reaching You" really quickly and leave whatever plans I've had for the rest of it as an upcoming sequel after my finals. (Likely to be entitled "Keeping You").

Haiis. Alright. Time to re-read and review "Reaching You" before updating and making a formal announcement...

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I have two weeks' worth of term break starting this monday.
Okay. I have a lesson next Wednesday and Thursday, but this all means..


Though of course, I'm now working on a schedule that can fit in everything I have no idea about as well as some time for writing and reading fanfics.

(I'm still on supernatural fic research. I wish I can find some really good ones but I'm not sure where to look.. >: )

Thinking of releasing supernatural themed one-shots while writing "Reaching You" but I'll need plenty of inspiration sources.

And scouting for those will take time too. Hmmm

Needless to say, I'm in for two busy weeks if I want to finish everything that I have to (and want to) do.


Wish me luck in planning a good schedule to accommodate both work, writing and play.

... I will probably need pics of Yoshimoto-sensei to motivate me to study. XD

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Edit #1: Found this on Google. HAHAHAHAHA
Replace the pictures with crappy-looking selfies and I'll probably be really freaked out and will get to work right away XD

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