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 It sort of occurred to me that I never actually got to do a proper introduction post.

So here it is~

Online as: rainbow_teatime

History: )

Offline as: ???

1. Gamer )

2. Budding Writer ) 3. Makeup Junkie ) 4. (Not so) Closet Otaku ) 5. Avid Reader ) 6. Compulsive Shopper ) 7. Incurable Foodie )

Right, I think that is pretty much everything about me XD

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 As mentioned in my latest update of  "It Was Always You", I had been down with an illness for some time, and that is why I could hardly write.

Well... technically, it's a chronic skin condition called eczema.

I've had this condition for a while but it sort of toned down a few years ago. However, just a few months ago (during my examination period) , I had a very bad flare-up, and the inflammation only grew worse. It was to the extent that the angry red rash coated the entirety of my legs, my stomach and my arms. It's like wearing dark red, super itchy tights and arm warmers, except that I'm not able to take them off at all. 

Soon after my exams ended, I immediately decided that I needed to rest at home at least until the inflammation goes down. I've moisturised with Cetaphil (why the hell are they so fcking expensive) and used Emu oil as an emollient. 

Before long, my dad had a  "brilliant" idea of buying a homeopathy ointment that used emu oil. What I didn't expect was that a few days after, my skin broke out in a VERY violent reaction to the ointment, because it was too strong.

That had me bedridden again for a very long while before my skin calmed down again to its former inflamed condition. -.-

Thankfully, I visited the hospital yesterday and I was prescribed some really gentle moisturisers (I'm probably sticking to those and no other brand) , steroid creams, emollients and antihistamines ( THANK GOD FOR ANTIHISTAMINES).

Hopefully within 6 weeks to my next appointment, my inflammation would be gone. (: 

I'm thankful to every reader for your well wishes. So far, my skin is less red. It still itches every now and then, but at least I can sleep at night now ^^;

Now, in other news...


My parents have settled on taking me to Hokkaido some time in October. It might be during my school term, but it is only for a short duration, so I will at most miss probably 1 lesson for a few subjects. But it's alright.


( okay maybe not the same air because technically he would be in Tokyo and I'd be in Hokkaido. So,... >.> )

My father is a fanatic in photography and has decided to go to Hokkaido for the autumn leaves XD But I'm not really sure there is much to do there. Maybe I'll just chill in the hotel ( like Nino probably will) if there is nothing much to do around the area /:

Any suggestions as to what I can do in Hokkaido? :D


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 It's been way too long since I last posted anything at all. (:

Unfortunately, soon after my exams have ended, I had to finish my Nino exchange fic AND...

I came down with quite a serious case of the cold, and it basically meant that my body switches every now and then from being magma-melting hot to teeth-chattering cold. I'm a little bit delicate in the hot months, and unfortunately being in sunny Singapore does NOT help. ):

But thankfully, with a long amount of rest and a good amount of medication, I have begun to recover quite well and I might be back to writing again. 

So yeah, this is an unofficial announcement that I'm back! :D
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 It hasn't been easy but I am FINALLY down to one last paper.

My Financial Reporting paper yesterday was totally sucky for  good reason.

They effing misprinted two financial figures.

I still recall that in my first university exam, my school actually had the gall to forget to give us our statistic tables for a statistic exam.
Over 2000 of us had to retake the paper just for that mistake lol.

And now, I unfortunately have no idea whether my answers in my paper yesterday are correct because I don't know if "$4,800,00'' is really $4,800,000 or $480,000. 

One might think that the only difference betwee "$4,800,000" and "$480,000" is just one zero.
But NO. It's a BIG difference of at least $4,320,000! 
The examiners really ought to start performing quality checks on their papers. How could they miss such a crucial error that wasted me time in my calculations? D<

Well... all of that is behind me now.
I can only hope for the best.

In other news, I'm only a week away from my last paper. HURRAH.


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 It's been a long while since I last posted- memorising stuff for my econs exam (which has always been my weakest subject) took half my life out of me. But at least it's over.

From now on, the only curves I will ever see are my own. ;D *wink wink*

But apparently, I did not have to wait for 26th May to get a flash of inspiration for my Nino Exchange fic, so thank goodness, I'm able to at least get a bit of a headstart to write SOMETHING to destress. Otherwise, I would be left with only 2 weeks to work on it with absolutely no leads whatsoever.

I know that I have been writing lots of Sakumiya lately, and unfortunately I can't help it because the prompts that inspired me to write just SO happened to fit in with the Sakumiya pairing all too well. >.>

*sigh* I need more Ohmiya in my life. I need more of my OT3, man. > v <

Alright, I might be down with one paper but I still have management accounting and financial reporting to deal with before my next breather. And essays for these two subjects... *shudders* hell on earth.

Wish me luck!
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Okay. It's okay. I STILL got this. I STILL GOT THIS. ; _ ;


A good number of years ago, I used a Macbook as my personal computer. I loved it so much that I named it Melvin.

(Yes, I name my favourite things. I have a typewriter named Tyler.
Yep. I'm weird that way XD)

My desk was right by the window (I liked it that way), and so my Macbook would always be right there.

And then one fine day... it rained while I was outside. And I forgot to close the window.

I can still remember Melvin's last waterlogged blink as he breathed his last and blacked out the screen.

; _ ; God rest my Macbook's soul.

Anyhow, I soon managed to get myself a new PC (I shifted my desk FAR away from the window now), and his name is Prometheus.
He is one big, lean, mean machine. <3

And that is why I can't take him out on the go even if I wanted to do my work or download my notes somewhere. I would have to lug ALL of him along. I currently resort to borrowing laptops (Windows 8.0 >.>;;; ) and iPads from my school library every time I have lessons. ><

Additionally, I already have an original novel idea I want to work on, and as much as I love my phone, I can't really see myself typing it on such a small screen. (I use Scrivener, and unfortunately it does not come with an Android version >.> )

So, I sort of arrived at the idea that I STILL need a laptop.

And after being torn between getting a Windows Tablet or a small Windows laptop, I saw this.

Welp. I'll be damned.
The ASUS Transformer Book is apparently both. LOL


FINALLY I do not have to keep swinging by the library to borrow a laptop / iPad in hopes that they were not all taken up already.

I will miss the librarians though. I'm sure they have seen my face so often that they know my first name all too well XD

Well, I'm going to sleep and catch maybe 4-5 hours of sleep before going out to study (and buy my tab-top).

Wish me luck for my exam paper on May 3rd ><
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I saw this on [personal profile] kurisucchi 's page and found it quite an interesting thing to do.
I also wanted a break from typing out a law essay at full speed. XD

18 questions about Arashi

1) What year did you became an Arashian?

Near end 2013, I am sure.

2) Which member baited you and how?


I watched NazoDi because I liked mystery dramas.
I did not think I would like the butler too.
But I did.
And that was how I got hooked on him AND Arashi. XD

3) Who is your ichiban when you started? & if you chnaged, who is your ichiban now?
My Ichiban was only Sho in the beginning. Right now, it is STILL him, but I have made room for a niban and a sanban XD

4) What was your first concert when you became a fan.



5) Emoticon your Arashi rank
What does THAT mean? Anyway...

1. Sho <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
2. Nino <3
3. Jun * ^o^ *
4. Ohno *^^*
5. Aiba ^^

6) Your first Arashi official merchandise?

It would have to be a Waku Waku Gakkou notebook.

Would you believe me if I told you I have used EVERY notebook but that one notebook? LOL
I WOULD use it if I knew what to use it for! (I mean, it has different coloured pages, yo. What am I to do with that? >.> )

7) Fav Concert (the one you keep on repeat mode)?

Uwaaa I really don't know if it is Japonism or SCENE because the Sho solos on both of them are awesome. XD
Okay, I will say it is Japonism- lots of elaborate work have been done for that concert (NOT TO MENTION SHO WAS SMOKIN HOT IN THERE) and the members' individual solos are the most impressionable to me.

8) Fave Song (group) from your favorite concert?


When I first heard the song I was reeling because it was epic.

And then I watched them perform it.
I went berserk with happiness. XD

9) Give me your FAVORITE QUOTE FROM A SONG & WHO SAID IT that has helped you and has been your source of strength?

... does it HAVE to be encouraging? Because my favourite quote from T.A.B.O.O was

"Call my nameless name now

*gets shot* okay okay just kidding.

"Hey Yeah!" isn't particularly my favourite Sho solo but listening to it does give me energy to keep chugging on.

"それじゃ夢って何なの? でっかい目印さ"
(Then, what are dreams? They're a huge sign to guide your way.)

(thanks yarukizero@LJ)

10) TOP 5 favorite Arashi Group Songs?

That is like asking my to pick out 5 favourite books out of an entire collection LOL

Ai no Collection
Don't You Get It? 
(Can I like put this as my answer? Everything? XD)

11) TOP 5 fav movies of your ichiban?
AHH. MUSUKASHII. D: I will try. XD

Pikanchi Life is Hard Tabun Happy
Saigo no Yakusoku (I know it's not an official film BUT IT WAS GOOD AND SHO IN A SUIT IS SUPER CHARMINGGG)
Honey and Clover
Kiiroi Namida (Interesting storyline. Hobo!Sho tho. X"D )

12) Give me your 2 fave songs from each boy?
Jun: STAY GOLD, Don't you love me? (Special mention: Baby Blue)
Sho: Rolling Days, T.A.B.O.O , sugar and salt (3 songs for Sho because he is my ichiban. And because I say so. :p)
Nino: Gimmick Game, 1992*4##111
Aiba: Hello Goodbye, Disco Star (DISCO STAR SAMA~)
Ohno: Imaging Crazy, Akatsuki

13) Fav games played in VS Arashi


Cliff Climb

Rolling Coin Tower

14) Favorite album?


Okay. erm.

Followed by "Are You Happy?".

15) Fave PV?
I'm so torn between "Don't You Get It?" and "I'll Be There" because one has the members goofing around and the other has Sho sitting seductively in a couch. XD GYAHHHHH

okay "I'll Be There" it is. XD

16) Do you own an outfit similar to your ichiban's outfit?

There was this one photo of Sho where he wore a red tartan shirt.

Once I was queuing up for something and casually looked at my outfit (a red tartan hoodie from Cotton On)  and that photo.

I realised we matched. XD

17. Given the chance you meet the boys, what will you tell them individually

For Ohno: "So, where is your favourite ramen place?" *sparkly eyes* "I WANT THE BEST RAMEN YOU KNOW. :D"
For Nino: "Can we exchange 3DS friend codes, because I have been waiting for this moment FOREVER. I NEED TO PLAY MARIO KART WITH YOU. PLEASE. *bows* "

For Sho: "Will you marry me? <3"  *cutesy smile*

*gets shot* I'm kidding. >.>

"Can we have a buffet dinner together? I KNOW we can clear out the tables within hours if we work together. >D"
(Fun fact: I actually once dreamt that Sho took me to a stylish sushi buffet dinner. XD)

For Aiba:  "Bring me to your family's restaurant. I'll have you know how much of a foodie I am. ;D "

For Jun: "I really really REALLY want to go shopping with you. Shall we? :D"

18) How will you celebrate the boys anniversary this year?

Last year, I celebrated by participating in a fanfic exchange.

I shall probably do the same this year.

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It took a while. I had a hell of a time relinking and reformatting this blog on Dreamwidth (this format is no Flexible Squares. ; A ;)



Feel free to join this comm!

Uuuunfortunately, I will not be writing anything new until 26th May. I have exams that I NEED to pass. *sobs* wish me luck.

Well, until I return, I hope you guys will continue to have fun, even if you are still waiting on the import queues to bring your posts over (I know that can be an ass. But hang in there!)

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I can finally make this announcement:


Anyone who wants to join can go right ahead and dive in:

>>> Tea Time Fics

>>> Burgundy Boudoir

Phew, I spent so much time on the layouts and the links and whatnot. I am beat. X.X

I can now return to studying for my exams with a peace of mind. ^^;

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Arashi's new single, "I'll Be There", goes on sale today!
I have seen the PV and the Making of the PV and I LOVE THIS SONG. 

I mean, the song itself is already fabulous. I found myself screaming in sheer joy at the eargasm from the chorus when I first heard the short version. So when I heard the full version... you can imagine how crazy I went. XD

Half the time I was watching the PV and singing along with the song.

The other half... well...


I was fangirling and screaming at Sho on that couch. (I would sell my soul to be that couch right now.)
Like, seriously.




*blissed-out sigh* Indeed, there is no man like him. *hearts in eyes*

Here is another bonus photo of.. JUN, because he just looks so cute.

Like, seriously. How is anyone not charmed by this smile? 

As for the PV making..


All I need is for these two men to get married and I can then declare my life complete.

*deep sigh~*

This PV and the PV making have made me so happy. :D

In fact, one of the last scenes of the PV just looked SOOOOO picture perfect, I made a wallpaper out of it.

Update: In fact, I have made wallpapers with video snapshots of every member + the Arashi one I use. :D

Dropbox link here

Go ahead and use those wallpapers if you like it. I will warn you though- I have amateur skills in making wallpapers. ^^;

Ahhh~ My heart is so full.

I'm happy. Really.

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You know, I did think that moving to Dreamwidth was the right move.
But really, Livejournal?

http://ontd-political.livejournal.com/11781096.html>>> "Livejournal to Ban LGBTQ Content"

Damn I did NOT expect to be spot-on about the "gay propaganda" thing. I only hope they won't ever find me. Hehs ^^;

It seems that since I had to repost everything over from LJ to my fic comms here, it means I need to change the links for the masterposts too.


*deep breath* It's okay. It's all good. *BREATHES*

Forgive me. I'm a little worn out from studying. XD


Yes I have been doing a lot of exchanges lately, eh? XD
I'm truly excited for this particular exchange, since two of my top OTPs have Neen in it (Ohmiya, Sakumiya) .

I have a feeling that in spite of whatever pairing I'm asked to do, I'll still have some complicated love triangle thing between my OT3. Heehee.

Don't get any ideas. I have yet to think of anything. LOL I will only start working on my exchange fic after my last exam on the 26th of May.

Until then, I will only deal with working on administrative and maintenance stuff on my fic comms to destress. ; _ ;

Meanwhile, this random song came to mind and it wouldn't go away. It often puts me in quite a mood.

"That summer night, my whole world tumbled down.
I could have died if not for you."

Well I think I took enough of a break. I should study again. ^^;
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 So, I tried to migrate my posts over from Livejournal to Dreamwidth, only to find that it took a really long time (maybe a day and eight hours) to transfer all my entries over.

I ALSO realised that apparently you cannot mass-edit the privacy of your existing posts if you run a community- it is a PAID feature. -_-

That was until I read somewhere that mass-editing is possible through third-party clients. And needless to say, I found a method that works and is a whole lot faster than DW's importing settings.

It requires a bit of technical steps in the beginning, but I promise you- after all that, mass-editing tags, privacy settings, even mass-deleting of posts is sure to be a breeze.

IMPORTANT disclaimers:

1. I use a WINDOWS application. I'm so sorry, Macintosh users. >< If it helps in any way, go to this link for a list of third-party applications and tweak around with those applications listed.

2.This entire process only deals with entries and the tags associated with it. I'm afraid it does not transfer comments or your profiles over. If you are only concerned about posts and community settings and not really the comments on your posts (I'm not deleting my Livejournal comms anyway, so I can always see those comments there), read on. :D

Phase 1: Preparation

The third-party client I used is LJ-SEC.

Download link here

Step 1: Download and install LJ-Sec.

Step 2: Login to Livejournal.

You will see this window when you start up LJ-Sec

Don't be hasty to login to Dreamwidth just yet- login instead to your community/journal on Livejournal instead. 

But before entering any details, first check that the journal host is actually Livejournal's.
Click the "Change Journal Host" button in the menu bar above.

Oh, it says this? Good. You can now enter your LJ login details. :D


Before you click that button, you need to ensure you are logging in to the community that you are trying to repost your stuff from. Click the "Get list of subscribed communities" button and then the small arrow above it to see the drop-down menu.

Select your community/journal and then finally you can click the login button.

You will see something like this window up there.

Feel the awesomeness yet? 


Now click "EXIT PROGRAM" ! :D

No, really. Exit the program.
You logged in only to perform one important step in the preparation process- letting LJ-Sec create an interface file to use for the move to Dreamwidth. 

Step 3: Edit the LJ-Sec files.

Firstly, you need to locate the application data for LJ-Sec.

>>> C:\Users\ ( your Windows acct name) \AppData\Roaming\LJ-Sec

Go to "Journals"
Inside, you will see a file that looks like this

Now, you are going to create two folders.

The first folder you are going to create is labelled..

<DWnickname>-dreamwidth.org (Journals)


<DWnickname>-<DWcommname>-dreamwidth.org (Communities)

Now, inside that DW file you just created, you will create your second folder labelled interface.

Now, remember that file that LJ-Sec created with your Livejournal details?
(Yeah, the .jrs one)

Copy that file into the "interface' folder your just created.

So your file address will now be

C:\Users\ ( your Windows acct name) \AppData\Roaming\LJ-Sec\Journals\YourDWthingy.org\interface\YourLJthingy.jrs

That's all the technicality there is to it! ^^

Step 4: Log into your Dreamwidth!

Now, you should be able to login to your DW by repeating Step 2 above- only instead of the Livejournal host address, you should be entering this...

and then clicking the "Get list of subscribed communities" button should now give you your Dreamwidth journals/communities.

Now go ahead and click that Login button to help LJ-Sec create data for your DW! :D


Phase 2: Importing-actually-REPOSTING your entries.

Once again, I'm compelled to remind you that you will only be transferring your entries and associated tags. Comments will not follow in this process. ^^;

Step 1: Login to your Livejournal journal/community.

This is where you will be reposting everything from. 

Here in this window, you see two small boxes at the top- "Change post security of.." and "to.."

Basically, all your Livejournal posts of their respective security levels (Public, Private, Friends (members) only, User-Defined) can be selected in the "Change post security of.." box and then allocated a new security level in Dreamwidth selected in the "to.." box.

If like me, you are just migrating EVERYTHING over...

Hold down "Shift".

Click the top post and the bottom post so you highlight everything.

Click a checkbox on the side.

Do a final check to ensure you are changing the security settings of your LJ posts to your desired settings in DW.

When you are ready, click the "Repost" Button highlighted in the image above.

Remember how in Phase 1, Step 4 you logged into Dreamwidth?

Yeah. Do the same here. Enter your details, check the server URL, check the list of communities and select the one you are reposting to.

Tick every box in here EXCEPT "Backdate items". I ticked that box once and I got an error message. ><

So your final reposting window  to DW should look like this..


Now, for the magic words... 


*pop up window appears*
You are about to post xx journal entries into another account.
Processing may take some time. Is this okay?

Click "Yes" here. It will take some time, but definitely less time than DW's importing service. XD

Seriously. So fast. And it's less than a day.
How long did DW take again?
Right. Over a day. XD


Tadaaaa~~~ It works!

I hope this tutorial has helped some of you in reposting your stuffs. ^^;

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It seems that importing my teatimefics entries is going to take over a day. Can someone please sponsor some servers to DW so they can import things faster? XD

Apparently, homosexuality is considered to be illegal in Russia. Considering that Livejournal has shifted over to Russian servers and teatimefics(LJ) is filled to the brim with slash fanfiction (which can possibly be considered as "propaganda" relating to homosexuality)...
I can almost see the delete-hammer in the horizon now. Arashilive.LJ is already deleted, so... )':


I have heard from some users that they are worried about forgetting to join my DW community/ add me as a friend on DW and stuff like that.
Therefore, I have been working on the layout of the two fanfiction communities under my wing to ensure that it is aesthetically appealing.
Livejournal-turned-Dreamwidth users, you get what I mean, don't you? XD Life just isn't the same without Flexible Squares.

Right now, I'm happy to say that I have finished with the layouts.

So Dreamwidth Arashians..


Membership to both communities are moderated right now, because.. well.. they are not ready for viewing yet. They are empty. It'd be truly embarassing for peeps to join a community and open it up to see that there is nothing in there XD

So instead, I'm letting interested DW users apply for membership in advance just so they won't have to worry about forgetting to add me/my comms later on. Membership will be approved once DW has finished importing my entries (please be quick, DW), and I will then set the community access to be open to everyone else. Early application will just give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of being one of the first peeps to see the newly-improved fanfiction communities XD

So yeah, if you are shifting to Dreamwidth and you wish to apply for membership early, go right ahead~ :D

Meanwhile, I will go back to waiting on Dreamwidth to finish importing my works. -_-;;;


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If you have logged into Livejournal recently, you would have noticed that there has been a new Terms of Service.
There is apparently no major change to privacy and data security, according to LJ.
I have no idea what they mean by major and minor changes. But if data privacy is going to be compromised in anyway (especially relating to famous Jpop groups) I would feel really unsafe. Fansubbing comms probably foresaw that danger and took measures to shift their comms to DW too.
Also, apparently accounts inactive for 6 months or so will be deleted (SERIOUSLY?!).

Therefore, I have made a decision with some other fanfiction writers to shift our fanfic communities and journals over to Dreamwidth.

What this move means:

1) Importing of fanfiction works

Don't worry if you aren't TOO open to the shift to Dreamwidth (DW) just yet- I will NOT be deleting this journal or teatimefics- I will simply be copying them over to a fanfic comm in DW. In future (probably in June or so), my new works will be cross-posted from DW to LJ.

2) Complete shift of NC-17 fics

I have absolutely no idea what the Russian laws dictate when it comes to content and data privacy (since I cannot read Russian), but a fellow fanfic writer suggested that I delete my NC-17 fics, just to be safe.

BEFORE YOU PANIC- these won't be wiped off the face of the Earth (heaven forbid if all my smoking-hot fics suddenly poofed), I have actually decided to set u another fanfic community EXCLUSIVELY for NC-17 - R content. I have actually toyed with this idea for a while since the start of 2017 but did not see the point of starting it in LJ (since most readers of my fics read it in TTF anyway). But since I would be moving to a new blogging platform.. why not? XD

If you want to join me in the shift to DW (in case things get bad on LJ and privacy is compromised), you can do the same. XD

My username on DW is unchanged: rainbow_teatime.
Feel free to add me in your circle if you DO go on DW.

Once I have set up the various communities, I will give an official "MOVED" announcement( along with the URLs to the two fanfic comms) here and on TTF so that no one misses out on this big step.

Finally, I want to thank EVERYONE on LJ who has commented or liked any of my fanfics- nothing really makes me happier than to learn that any of my works had made your day in one way or another. As I start moving to DW and cross-posting from there, I truly hope that my fanfic works could continue to do the same.



P.S. Teatimefics' username on DW remains unchanged. But do not go there yet- it's still WORK-IN-PROGRESS. XD


Apr. 6th, 2017 11:49 am
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GTA V has two game modes- the main Story Mode and the Online mode.

It took me quite some time, but I managed to finish the main story mode in GTA V.

I guess I'll have to say that I really, REALLY loved the storyline. I made the mistake of going on one paparazzi side mission and ended up seeing a supposed female celebrity.. well... going at it with a guy. I have never seen anything so graphically depicted. (The game is rated M18 for a reason. XD)

In Online mode, you go in freeroam. You go about earning money, buying your own guns, apartments and whatnot with other players (inevitably, some online jerks are just going to kill you even though you have done absolutely nothing. That is what "Passive Mode" is for). Other players can do what you do, basically hijack/steal cars, shoot and kill innocent civilians and players... yep. It's a wild world in Los Santos  XD I'm usually pretty chill in these online spaces  and minded my own business without harming other players. (I'm such a courteous online player, am I not? XD)

Speaking of hijacking, something funny happened last night.

Before that, know that my love for Sho is so deep that even my car plate number bears it - "CHR155H0". (Did you see it? "Chrissho")

So, I got killed by some jerk player who was passing by and died not too far away from my car. Luckily, my car has a tracker so I  would always know where  to find it even after I died.

Having respawned, I started to head towards my car... when I saw my tracker indicator  moving.
That meant that someone else had stolen my car and was about to make off with it.

My fangirl instincts were raging, because no one- ABSOLUTELY NO ONE- steals anything with my darling's name on it.
So for the first time ever in GTA V Online, I shot that player down XD

This is what happens when you steal my virtual car with my virtual husband's name on it, man. LOL

That was probably about the only time I ever shot another player. I like being polite and nice online in any game I play. (:

Unless that person steals my darling away. (:

Update: Here are pictures of my virtual car.


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After reading some worrying news on StormFreaks(LJ) and checked up on the new privacy policies on LJ, I have decided to shift my journal and fanfiction community here.

So yes, teatimefics(lj) will be moving here too, and I have already set up a new comm specifically for my NC-17 fics. I'll post the links when they are each filled with some posts at least. (STILL trying to import over my teatimefics posts -_-)

Meanwhile, here's some music. :D

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Unfortunately, it is time for preparing for my exams (again) and it is an incredibly stressful time right now.

I have taken a bit of a break recently but I'm just about to put my nose back into the grindstone and focus entirely on my studies so that my return to the blissful, heavenly world of fanfiction would be really sweet. <3

I DO have some fics still half-done and I really want to finish those but I might be a bit slow on the writing because.. you know.. priorities. ;_;

( I really want to start working so that fic-writing could be the other thing I focus on apart from my job ._. )

So I'm just going to leave this post here and take a temporary leave from fanfic writing- I will be back by June 2017 when my exams for the year are over. ^^;

* \ ( ^ . ^ ) / *

P.s. I will probably still be around every now and then to check up on my comms and whatnot but that really is about it ^^;

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After watching today's VS Arashi, I really need to say this.


(Picture is not mine. Thanks, sadakko!)

I mean, if you have read Sho's recent Otonoha, I think the family trip to the hot springs must have really worked wonders in relieving his stress.
You have no idea how happy it makes me, considering that the last time I saw him on NEWS ZERO he looked so tired.

Good to see that even workaholic!Sho (with his impossibly strict schedule too!) knows the importance of taking a break and spending quality time with his family. Hopefully when I start working in a few years, I'll be able to do the same even if things get incredibly busy.

Speaking of his Otonoha, apparently some Johnny's fanclub members left after seeing it.


Apparently I heard that some fanclub members were unhappy with the fact that he was writing about his happy activities even while in the middle of a rumour that he was dating an announcer.

*sigh* Fandom.

I can understand that they might want a clarification of the nature of their relationship, but... seriously? -_-
What ELSE are you expecting on Otonoha? You cannot possibly expect him to clarify the rumours on this particular channel. It's simply not appropriate.
Moreover, isn't it actually a good thing that in spite of all the rumors surrounding him, he was still able to grow closer to his coworkers or spend time with his family? If one looks at things objectively and set the rumours aside as a separate issue, leaving the fanclub over such a petty issue is really their loss.

Besides... GIVE THE MAN A BREAK. I'm sure it was not easy having to deal with the paparazzi stalking him all the time even when he has to get to and from various work venues. Making mad tweets about him or even leaving the fanclub will not help the rumours resolve itself any faster. So instead of raving about it, just take a chill pill and appreciate the fact that even though things are still as stressful as ever, he is now refreshed from his break and is still doing his best to take on his job.

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Hai hai~ domo~

rainbow_teatime desu~ Yoroshiku!

I've recently returned to Livejournal, so whenever I'm not posting fics over at [livejournal.com profile] teatimefics, I would be ranting about anything and everything right here. Hee. ^^;

Feel free to lurk around on my personal journal and leave comments and likes and whatnot. I won't bite. I promise. ;)


Alright, excuse me while I drag my socially awkward self away. *hides*

Ciao ciao! ^^/

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