May. 7th, 2017

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 It's been a long while since I last posted- memorising stuff for my econs exam (which has always been my weakest subject) took half my life out of me. But at least it's over.

From now on, the only curves I will ever see are my own. ;D *wink wink*

But apparently, I did not have to wait for 26th May to get a flash of inspiration for my Nino Exchange fic, so thank goodness, I'm able to at least get a bit of a headstart to write SOMETHING to destress. Otherwise, I would be left with only 2 weeks to work on it with absolutely no leads whatsoever.

I know that I have been writing lots of Sakumiya lately, and unfortunately I can't help it because the prompts that inspired me to write just SO happened to fit in with the Sakumiya pairing all too well. >.>

*sigh* I need more Ohmiya in my life. I need more of my OT3, man. > v <

Alright, I might be down with one paper but I still have management accounting and financial reporting to deal with before my next breather. And essays for these two subjects... *shudders* hell on earth.

Wish me luck!

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